Attractivity of Monaco

Monaco is a very attractive place which offers a Mediterranean climate, a safe place to live, an excellent public school system, a sophisticated health care system, a cosmopolitan culture and proximity with an international airport.

Investors may invest in Monaco in different ways, such as acquiring Monegasque companies and real estate, setting up local businesses and financial regulated entities, depositing their personal assets in Monegasque banks, either on an advisory or a discretionary basis.

Monaco is also very attractive for tax reasons and is a safe place to create a business due to its Monarchical political stability.

Monaco also offers a solid financial market place. The solidity of the Monaco financial industry is explained by several factors: (i) the currency is the Euro, (ii) banks are regulated by the French prudential authorities, (iii) financial services are strictly supervised by the Monaco Financial Authority called “CCAF”, (iv) Monaco fully complies with international standards on tax transparency and fight against money laundering.