Monaco Residency

In order to become a resident in Monaco, an application package must be prepared and personally filed by the applicant with the relevant authorities.

If the application is granted, the applicant will be given a 1-year residency card, renewable every year. After several years of residency in Monaco, residents are granted a residency card valid for 3 years and later on for 10 years.

EU citizens may apply directly with the Monaco authorities, whereas non-EU citizens shall first apply for a visa with the French embassy of their country of residency. If the visa is obtained, non-EU citizens may then apply with the Monaco authorities.

Since Brexit, UK citizens are now required to obtain a visa before applying in Monaco

We assist clients and their families in relocating to Monaco. We often also structure their business and investments in Monaco through the creation of local vehicles (e.g., business companies, family offices, personal investment companies, financial companies regulated by the Monaco Financial Authority, etc.).”